One of the essential aspects of every successful interior design story is the lighting, no matter if we are talking about light fixtures, lamps, cold versus warm light or the interior lighting of bespoke pieces.

One thing is sure – with us you will have the best options in terms of suppliers and brands in choosing the right design accents and a guaranteed interior lighting for all the custom made units coming from our factory.

The Wow Factor​

From time to time, we like to make the lighting the central piece of a space, especially when it comes to high ceilings and impactful mix & matches.

Interiors Matter!

Nothing really beats having an interior lighting for you dressing room or kitchen pantries. From drawers to closets, the La Maison bespoke furniture pieces have it all.

Modern French / Art Deco influences

Classic reinterpretations of the Art Deco aesthetic will insure an elegant and timeless fell to your home, made possible though our vast network of worldwide suppliers.

Table Lamps

What always sets an intimate feeling to a home is an array of carefully chosen table lamps, part of our complete home styling service.

The Cozy Edition

Taking inspiration from British interiors, we love to add a cozy touch through warm lighting accents where they fit our clients mood and wishes for their home.

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