We work with some of the most exclusive manufacturers of the world in terms of every aspect of interior design.


Explore an impressive collection of contemporary and traditional with Baker furniture, upholstery, lighting and accessories, created for the living and dining rooms, that are authentic designs of incomparable quality and rich in a complexity and detail. The result? Exquisite furniture that will beautifully stand the test of time. DISCOVER MORE


de Gournay

de Gournay helps realize your dreams of a perfect interior. Whether creating a Chinoiserie room, a 19th century French chateau, an Art Deco interior or anything you might imagine, each de Gourney wallpaper has been through the hands of it’s experts, whose profound knowledge of techniques, processes and materials constitutes the unique strength of their products. DISCOVER MORE

Designers Guild

Created in 1970 by Tricia Guild, Designers Guild designs and distributes upholstery fabrics, wallpapers and household accessories- cushions, plaids, rugs and passementerie all over the world. The Designers Guild range includes almost 9,000 fabrics and 2,000 wallpapers for any style. Tie Dye, florals, geometric designs, you name it, they’ve got it.

Edition Bougainville

Established in Cannes, France, Edition Bougainville creates luxury custom hand made rugs and carpets. Many of the their pieces, such as those in the Renaissance collection, pay homage to the family’s archive of 18th century furniture and fabrics. Manufactured by hand, knotted or with woven technique, they excel in their craft with both unique and timeless designs. DISCOVER MORE


Manufacturers of bespoke interior design pieces, Elitis’ philosophy is that of innovation and metamorphosis, daring to be bold, to innovate and act as explorers in the creation of furnishing fabrics and wall coverings by combining state-of-the-art technical possibilities with unexpected textures and craftsmanship for unique results. DISCOVER MORE

Hugues Chevalier

When Hugues Chevalier created his first contemporary sofa models in 1978, he took inspiration in Art Deco, an aesthetic against the trend of that time, but which quickly earned him recognition as one of the best designers of high-end contemporary furniture. To this day, Hugues Chevalier continues this tradition for all French luxury lovers, with all of its furniture having on demand designs. DISCOVER MORE


Iksel Decorative Arts takes its inspiration mostly from a pre-industrial world which produced high periods of style in the decorative arts. Encompassing many cultures and periods, their collections include architectural, botanical, ornamental and scenic decors that have been hand painted since 1988. In 2001 they developed also the Digital Technology and Imaging software expertise, bringing your custom design closer to life. DISCOVER MORE

La Cornue

Founded in 1908 in France, La Cornue brings stylish and elegant cooking appliances to any kitchen, their name being synonymous with custom-built excellence. Each cooker is manufactured with the French passion for culture, cuisine and quality in mind, so that you can take your kitchen and cooking skills to the next level. DISCOVER MORE


Meljac is a French company specialized in the manufacture of luxury electrical wiring accessories. ”A switch should not be only functional. It must be seductive or even sensual. Your desires inspire me.” said Meljac founder André Bousquet in 1995 while starting the company, a motto that guides the team to this day. DISCOVER MORE

Munna Design

Founded in Porto in 2008, Munna is a furniture design brand renowned for creating handmade upholstery with unmatched craftsmanship, seamlessly blending noble materials and timeless design for both commercial and residential projects.
Made by hand, Munna’s pieces honor the profound heritage of craftsmanship while drawing inspiration from history’s most influential artistic periods. DISCOVER MORE

Pierre Frey

Founded in 1935, Pierre Frey is a French company with a strong sense of eclecticism that creates, edits and manufactures fabrics, wallpapers, and custom carpets. Drawing inspiration from the past as well as from different cultures around the world, its daring, contemporary collections take one back into history and off on a unique voyage. DISCOVER MORE


SHEPEL is a Ukrainian based leading manufacturer of handmade furniture for luxury residential properties, founded by a family of interior designers, believers in the art of furniture-making. This approach, combined with classic traditions and craft, allows them to customize any product, thoughtfully tailoring each and every design to reflect their customers personal lifestyle. DISCOVER MORE

Treca Interiors Paris

Treca is a French brand that offers luxurious artisan hand made beds, having been accumulating sleep know-how for generations at their two workshops. The Tréca mattresses invite you into the universe of immaculate sleeping thanks to the meticulous work of French master artisans and the use of noble fabrics. DISCOVER MORE
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