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Residential historic house (Primaverii)

The travels around the world and the owners’ wish to have a home to come back to after a long day at work inspired us as regards the theme of this arrangement, which was projected as elegant and cozy.

The first changes of opinion with the owners were focused on a few pieces of furniture they wanted very much and that they have seen in their trips abroad, as well as in different magazines. We asked them about the context and we started to embroider together a potential décor around the wanted objects.


As they wanted their home to be as spacious as possible, we decided to use white as a dominant color for walls and ceilings. As regards the floors, we went for shades of cream, which is a perfect complement for the rooms’ aspect.

The apartment benefits from large windowpane surfaces. We exploited this strength in an artistic manner. We mounted gorgeous drapes to filtrate light in different shades, while during daytime it frames and decorates the large windows. We chose lilac for the drapes and carpet in the bedroom. This is said to be the color of kings, romanticism and emotions!

Indispensable in any house, the dressing is the room where perfect days begin! The owners wanted a dressing that is not crowded! They wanted to keep all their clothes, shoes and different accessories organized. This is the reason why we chose elegant finishing and carefully positioned lights.

The dressing is a custom-made piece of furniture made exactly as the owners desired.

The organization of a bathroom is more complex as the bathroom must be as efficiently as possible to use. Our hosts chose an elegant furniture with compact forms and an attractive design. The bathroom now makes you feel like being in a relaxation room, not in an ordinary bathroom. The tiles and sanitary objects are colored in light colors that mutually complete themselves and they create a simple, beautiful and elegant integrated whole.

The pieces of bespoke furniture and carefully chosen accessories led to the achievement of a spectacular project!

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