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Residential house (Primaverii)

How we transformed a small apartment into a dream home? Bespoke Furniture

The need for color was the starting point in the arrangement of this house placed in a smart neighborhood from Bucharest. This is our second collaboration with these owners and this is one of the reasons why everything went good and natural.

The building’s condition is proper; therefore, we did not have to intervene with difficult renewal works. Instead, we had to be very ingenious in order to increase the efficiency of certain rooms. We did this by means of bespoke furniture produced in our factory and adapted to the place’s needs. The kitchen was the main beneficiary as we doubled the existing storage space. The custom-made kitchen represents an advantage of any arrangement as you can place every piece of furniture exactly as you wish.


The apparently decorative interventions were equally useful. For example, one of the bathrooms was very small; practically, we could not bring any standard piece of furniture. We had to conceive a new and special bespoke furniture assembled on the spot. However, this was not enough to give this room an attractive look. For this reason, we painted the furniture in medium green and we animated the décor with the help of a wallpaper from Cole and Son.

After having checked and solved the technical requests, we brought the style and color highlights. The furniture is part of the collections of famous French brands and the wallpaper particularizing each space belongs to Designers Guild and Sanderson.

In case of the entry hall, we saved space thanks to a multi-functional piece. We drew and built a compact furniture with multiple functions: coat peg, bench, and radiator mask.

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