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Residential house (Nordului)

The challenge of this project was to compose a serene, calm and cozy ambient, full of vibrating details.

In the dining area, the pendant, chairs and table are from Mis en Demeure, while the cabinet is custom-made. We already have a niche in the living and the custom-made furniture was the saving solution. Thus, we both masked and intelligently used this niche.


Owners wanted an open space kitchen to the living and dining, but not very big, maintaining a large surface for the living. This is where we came with the idea of an island, which can be a decorations storage piece of furniture, as well as a counter top. The Marie’s Corner mauve couch in the living chicly contrasts with the floral wallpaper.

The bespoke kitchen furniture was completely made by the La Maison team, according to the dimensions of the given space. The La Cornue cooking stove and the tiles diaphanous game transports the viewer in a retro film scenario.

If you could not think that a grey bedroom can look that good, here is the proof: a sober colors bedroom. The secret is the pleasant contrast to the white, antique furniture from Mis en Demeure, as well as to the large widows of the room.

The matrimonial bathroom is a dream come true and we are not only referring to its very generous surface,.but of the photo-wallpaper and beautiful antique wooden console. The shower is placed in a separate area, in front of a large window!

Another bathroom in this house comes to the fore as ingenious by its beauty and elegance. From the chest of drawers that is also a washstand to the sconce dramatically falling like a branch out of the vegetal pattern of the wall. The metallic stair, an element underlining the bathroom’s romanticism, is a Mis en Demeure and it is also a towel hanger!

The mansard bathroom was finished with Cole and Son wallpaper, applied inclusively on the door. When closed, the door gives the impression of a unitary, graphic picture. The green radiator and mix of patterns on the tiles make this bathroom look ludic,.without being in discordance with the rest of the house.

The bookcase in the office was custom-made and the couches and chairs come from Marie’s Corner.

The jovial note in the child’s room is given by the Dragon Fly wallpaper from Harlequin. The furniture comes from Wood Work, and the stool is a Marie’s Corner.

La Maison makes sure the bespoke furniture shall perfectly integrate from an ergonomic and aesthetic point of view!

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