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Residential house (Cernica)

A project where owners and designers play in the same team is by all chances a successful one. This is the case of this villa near Bucharest, where our host invested both soul and aspirations and ingenious ideas.

The owners took care of the villa’s construction and when they reached the brick stage, they went directly to the La Maison shop. They knew very well the brands we bring and this was their first reason to come to us.

However, what made them work with us was the fact we produce bespoke furniture.


With the help of bespoke furniture pieces one can benefit from all the available space; thus, each object can find its well-defined place.

The classic elegance of the day area is offered by both the balanced chromatic and furniture elegance; the mauve couches and Jacob small table are from Grange.

As the kitchen is opened to the day area, we made a visual connection between the spaces with the help of a counter top peninsula. The kitchen furniture was custom-made, in hard wood.

For the boy’s room, we bought a Zoffany wallpaper.

The dressing was custom-made according to the room configuration and it was made in hard wood. The bright chromatic potentiates the spacious character of this area. During the last years, the dressing dethroned classic closets and cupboards, becoming ladies, young ladies and gentlemen’s favorite space.

Our team counselled the clients as regards the pieces to acquire in order to create a harmonious and comfortable ambient. We also had some must have pieces; the most eloquent example in this sense is the set of mauve couches from the living.

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