Residential house (Balotesti)

This is a large house, with very ample surfaces but the décor is cozy and warm, subtly embracing the visitor. The ground floor area is made of living, dining, kitchen, 2 guest rooms, 3 bathrooms and an office. The first floor, which is in fact a mansard, comprises the matrimonial bedroom, two children bedrooms and two bathrooms.

In the day area, continuity is given by tones and patterns. For example, the large wallpaper flowers in the entrance area also migrated on the couch cushions and dining drapes. All the pieces of furniture in the day area and light fixtures were carefully chosen in natural shades and soft contrasts in order to mellow large spaces.


The wine cupboard has a natural color that perfectly fits the décor.
The kitchen space is very generous and it was organized by bespoke furniture. The advantage of custom-made furniture is that they correspond to both clients and available spaces’ requests. The kitchen elegance is also due to the combination of sober colors. The stove green together with the marbled counter top are better underlined by the beautiful cream of the furniture.

The vintage beams of the mansard, the delicate wallpaper and retro chandelier make the very large matrimonial bedroom a very intimate space, a theatric and feminine boudoir. The wallpapered wall separates a small saloon in the bedroom entrance area from the bed area. From the bedroom we enter the dressing. The dressing is an autonomous space, as coquette as you can imagine in all details. Is there anyone who would not like such a dressing? It was custom-made by the La Maison team!

The bathroom is a work of art and we say so without exaggerating. The secret of this set is represented precisely by the less convention pieces we used for this décor: an antique candlestick, window shutters, a richly adorned mirror, a chandelier and… the metallic bathtub. For us, this is a Parisian movie picture in the morning splendor.

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