La Maison project & design bespoke furniture – apartment in Northern Bucharest
Residential apartment Nordului I Area

Here is one of the most harmonious projects with bespoke furniture made by La Maison.

In the bedroom, we created a feminine corner, by means of a dressing table. The warm and ludic atmosphere was sketched starting from the theme and colors of the background wallpaper. This is the Fairy Castle model created by Sanderson. In order to highlight the royal atmosphere of this room, we chose the lamp from Mis en Demeure, decorated with pieces imitating pearls.


In the space between the matrimonial bedroom and its bathroom, we organized a stylish dressing where bespoke furniture was the main attraction. The flower pattern wallpaper in powdered colors is the Palampore model from Sanderson. The suspended lamp in the matrimonial bedroom is a Pérouse model from Mis en Demeure. The furniture in the girl’s bedroom corresponds to the chromatic palette from this area of the house and it is bespoke furniture.

In the bathroom, the background wall was plated in a large onyx stone. The presence of this finish needed a lot of care and assembly efficiency as we fixed light sources behind the plate. The furniture is custom-made in wood, in the La Maison factory and it was meant to integrate perfectly. The bespoke furniture and several precious looking accessories adorn the matrimonial bathroom and confer it a glamorous air. The shower area was set up in a niche. Thus, we efficiently used all the areas in this room.

In the long halls, we created special storage spaces and a technical room where we put the washing machine. They were all masked by elegant wooden doors. Thus, the bathroom is free of unaesthetic electrical household, being now the perfect relaxation space.

The owners wanted energizing color highlights in the day area and powdered highlights in the resting areas. The inspired chromatic match is an advantage of this decoration.

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