Residential apartment (Dorobanti)

The owner of this apartment visited our showroom before moving in her new house as she was looking for a few presents.

On this occasion, she became more familiar with the style of our arrangements and with.the series of famous brands we collaborate with. Her life style and desired aesthetic and functional level made her chose us as decorators for her home. Another strong suit was represented by the fact that we can customize her furniture, exactly as she desired.


We wanted to make a relaxing home, freshened up by soft color touches. The bespoke furniture is made of manually processed solid timber, meant to bring more warmth and elegance to the entire interior. The nobility of each piece’s lines confers the assembly an artistic and warm look. The furniture and the Mis en Demeure fittings give extra elegance to the bedroom.

The assembly we created is a versatile and offering one, as it can easily acquire a fresh air. By the simple pigmentation with seasonal accessories or textiles colored according to the season, the aspect is very easy to change. We chose standard pieces of famous brands, like Mis en Demeure, Objet Insolite. This way, when she moves to another place she can easily create a new but equally elegant ambient.

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