custom made furniture project by la maison grange
Residential apartament (Radauti)

In this apartment, we managed to transform a few massive architectonic elements into charming elements meant to complete the harmoniously designed decor.

The day area was projected as an open space. In order to make a place as cozy as possible, we placed a chimney that can be admired from any corner of the room. The wallpaper on the wall the chimney was put on belongs to the Harlequin collection.


The variations of pastels confer an extra elegance to the living area. If you opt for a pastel chromatic palette, it is good to use more than two colors in order to get a vivant interior. The composition in the living catches the eye by its feminine details. The cherry wood vintage console has a sculptural look. The Chelsea cherry wood couches are made with fabric tapestry. The dining – simple, but of timeless elegance, was strategically organized near a mansard window.

The kitchen is flooded by natural light, which makes it seem even larger. It is useful to know that in case of an open kitchen to the living or dining it is better to opt for electrical household in simple shapes and neuter colors, so that you can obtain a harmonious kook in the day area.

For the matrimonial bedroom, we opted for an ethno design wallpaper from Elitis and a spectacular bed end. The graphic accents of different geometry animate the warm décor of the matrimonial room.

In the girl’s room we used plenty of cheerful colors, obtaining an extremely pleasant result. The décor was made so that it could be easily adaptable when the girl grows up. The finishing of one wall with a richly ornamented wallpaper is a variant to take into account especially in small rooms or that are not adequately illuminated.

For an extra impact, if space allows it, bring an extravagant piece of furniture in the bathroom. In our case, we chose a very comfortable stool.

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