Restaurant (La vitrine)

La Vitrine is a stylish and refined place, the type of restaurant you carefully choose, not where you get by mistake. When referring to interior design, the industrial style perfectly interlaces with the classic one, without a clear line to delimitate the two styles. The light blue of the chairs meets the black of the open kitchen, wood meets iron and so on; each element naturally blends with the other, mutually complimenting each other.

The bespoke furniture perfectly completed the industrial aspect desired!

The minimalist design with touches of turquoise, warm and natural light, lounge atmosphere.and the charming atmosphere of the lake make this restaurant the perfect place for spending the free time.


The industrial style represents a both avant-garde and nonconformist vision of an interior approach. The industrial style intrigues by its different aspects,.meaning that this style could seem cold for some, sober and masculine to others; some might consider it rich and versatile, while other interesting and contemporary.

The simple lines pieces, of Scandinavian style perfectly match in such a context. The material of gross finishing, as well as the old look wood could represent a successful tandem for such interiors.– as in the case of the tables in this project.

Again, the bespoke furniture was one of the perfect choices of the owners as they had the possibility to create it exactly as they wanted! The chairs, tables, open space kitchen, spices glass jars and not only, the lounge area with chimney, the chandeliers, the sconces… All these make this restaurant a special place!

The simpler the lines of the light fixtures the more appropriate. This place did not need extra light, as the shadows and diffuse reflections combination highlighted the industrial atmosphere. In fact, the restaurant really looks like a shop window, with its lake view (more precisely the Tei lake), which also gave its name.

A truly exceptional place and dear project!

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