Showroom La Maison Bucharest

Showroom La Maison

Excellency in interior design

The La Maison Showroom is located in the center of Bucharest, in a beautiful two-floored villa, built in 1930 and set up with great refinement, so that La Maison is not only an exciting shopping destination, but also a versatile space, an ideal source of inspiration for all those in search of original ideas for decorating. Whether you are designers, architects or owners, here you will find everything you wish and need to turn a space into that much-dreamed home. The pieces in the showroom are from well-known brands from all over the world, but also made in the factory La Maison, in Sibiu. In addition, here you will discover an extremely offering universe encompassed in a multitude of catalogs with samples of wallpaper, fabrics, switches, decorations, furniture, lights, accessories, plumbing fixtures, etc. that can be purchased on order. A visit to the La Maison showroom is a lesson in style and the certainty that it is the perfect place for quality and uncompromising shopping.

Blvd. Dacia, Nr. 73 – 020051 Bucharest – Sector 2 – Romania +40.723.393.793